What is essential is invisible
To the eye

A unique experience that combine
passion, nature, beauties and sensations


The most beautiful day
The dream car

make unique your wedding day
the memory will remain forever


Infinite emotion

share your passion with others
makes it memorable


Pure Adrenaline

strong emotions and adrenaline
aboard our vintage cars through the most
Beautiful places in Tuscany

Whether your idea is to go on a wine and food tour in the Chianti area, or go hiking in the famous via Francigena, or have a cultural visit, Tuscany won’t disappoint you !

The multitude of small old villages, hamlets and castles, which are so perfectly put in the natural setting, the vineyards, olive trees, makes it one of the most beloved lands in the world.
Visiting the perfect “cerchia tonda”, circle of Monteriggioni, so defined by Dante in his Inferno, going across the Val d’Orcia hills by the cypresses all lined-up, keeping silent in front of the scenery of the Crete Senesi near Siena, getting lost in the timeless beauty at a thermal resort in Bagno Vignoni, observing the Montalcino castle, land of the famous Brunello, or Montepulciano and its vino Nobile, without forgetting the wide variety of the Tuscan cuisine, which satisfies the most demanding tastes.
If all this can be done on board of a vintage car…then this will be Paradise !
A convertible car in all seasons, to drive kilometers of incredible and thrilling views, stuffed in the silence of the hills and in the ever changing colours, in couple or with friends, there is no car that cannot fulfill your desire to visit Tuscany from another point of view !
A jump in the past in a land where the past is always present.


The old passion for Vintage Cars of all shapes, colours, brand provided “old”, combined with a passion for art and history, which are our roots.

The love for good food and good wine, so varied and rich in this land.

The luck,, on top, to live here and to be surrounded every day by so much beauties, give us the idea to put it all togheter.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to look for the best this very special  region offers, and organize it for you in a perfect way. We Choose places for you to cross on board of our vintage cars, best landascapes and the less tourist sites, far away from the noise and crowd if you are planning to relax and enjoy a special time.

Coming across the cities of art, you could combine  passion for vintage cars with visiting   antique towns with their never ending charming  atmosphere, that makes Tuscany famous and beloved.

Finally, you could enter some of the countless cellars along your route and taste the most celebrated wines: Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino or the Nobile di Montepulciano, and many others you will find on your wine tour. And do not forget the food. Italian cuisine is famed in the world and here you would enjoy tipical dishes like Fiorentina steak, ribollita tuscany soup, cinta senese pork, or the pecorino cheese.

Your passion

We would like to share with you all pleasures Tuscany can offer!

If you are planning to spent a few days here, if you are looking for something different , please do not hesitate!

You will enjoy our countryside and your passion for the vintage cars will be satisfied.

Let’s choose your best itinerary and Enjoy!

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